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jeffblowingglassI started blowing glass in 1989 at the Alberta College of Art, where I made Glass my major. Since then, I have spent a lot of time and energy, manipulating molten silica to convey my impressions of our world.

In my other career in music, I play mostly Jazz and R&B. In those genres, the performers compose their parts spontaneously - improvisation is an essential component. I have a similar approach with glass (I guess that's just the way I'm wired). By design, no two pieces come out alike. Walking bass lines, Jazz solos and Jeff Addicott vases are all products of the moment.

Much of my inspiration comes from landscapes and geological formations. The creation of a glass piece is, in fact, a tiny geologic event, one that the artist has the exquisite privilege of orchestrating. I view the glass itself as being a co-conspirator in the shaping process. I'm always trying to scale back the degree of human coersion, to let the glass flow the way it wants to.

The transmission of light is undeniably glass' most fascinating property, one which most glass artists strive to harness. I usually avoid solid layers of opaque colors, preferring to let the light shine on through. Transparency is such a cool thing - why not flaunt it!

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Sulphur Series Vase
February 24, 2013